For the past thirty six years, this Emmy Award-winning choreographer has been striving for and achieving that which is profoundly significant and equally difficult to attain—the transcendence of craft to art and the synthesis of forms to create something that is forward-looking and new … more



At 23, Denver-born Hoy has already become a major player in the performing arts world. Generous, rebellious, creative and complex, her choreographic influence has significantly shaped TIDC’s newest works, from 1982 and Track 6 to Communion, Soles, and Push. Hoy recently co-choreographed her first full-length piece, An Sorcas (The Circus), which began previewing in Japan and the U.S. this past summer.

In the dance studio, Hoy finds the creative process to be a rewarding and therapeutic combination of fluid expression and technical configuration. She is a game changer with a big vision, motivated by the ability this art form has to deeply connect strangers and friends alike.

Chelsea grew up dancing competitively for the Wick School of Irish Dance in Denver, Colorado. She joined TIDC in 2014 after she began her studies at Loyola University Chicago. She recently graduated with a Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Photography. In addition to helping guide the company’s future, she is a professional photographer, dance instructor, visual artist, and children’s yoga instructor. Hoys love of empowering children through the arts may lead to the pursuit of a doctorate degree in child psychology.